Ending Homelessness, One Rock Star At A Time!

Homeless Rock Stars

Watch Our Mini Doc and Slammin’ Music Video!

“I can’t explain what I just experienced… Homeless Rock Stars is magic!”

The Mission…

With a rebel yell, Homeless Rock Stars unapologetically: Confronts the stigma, Promotes the underdog and Leads the way in
restoring the relationship between the homeless and the community at large.

What We Do…

We come to your high school, college, or other facility and treat your homeless students like a rock star for the day, complete with rock star hair & makeup, photo session, and interview (we call it INNERview).

We also bring real rock stars with us to entertain and mingle.

Homeless Rock Stars

What This Does…

Our rock star event is specifically structured so it can significantly impact your homeless population (it can change their life trajectory) as well as those individuals of the general public who participate.  It can create relationships between people who under normal circumstances wouldn’t even talk to each other.

The Crew

We bring an incredible crew to make sure your event is off the hook!

Hair & Makeup

We bring up to 10 professional hair & makeup artists with us.


It's a big production with many moving parts, we keep it running smoothly.

Volunteer Coordinator

We have a special relationship with Starbucks and many of their peeps come and play with us.

Catering & Merch

Rock Stars love to eat and wear cool swag, we provide the goods!

* Our road crew varies, depending on the city we’re in.

“This was the best day our students have ever had in their entire lives!”

J. Kinesely
Seattle Public Schools

Created by Rock Photographer, Nigel Skeet

Nigel has been a music photographer since the 1980’s and has photographed every rock band under the sun, from AC/DC to Ozzy Osbourne and everyone in between.


Resident Rock Star, SHIM

SHIM, the former lead singer and songwriter of Sick Puppies, has been with Homeless Rock Stars since the beginning – he comes to our events and has created a slamming music video for us.  SHIMmusic.com