(Watch full length director’s cut featuring Jessie Valley, down below.)

Ending Youth Homelessness, One Rock Star At A Time!

The Mission…

With a rebel yell, Homeless Rock Stars unapologetically: Confronts the stigma, Promotes the underdog and Leads the way in restoring the relationship between the homeless and the community at large.

The Vision

Restore community pride & vitality

Create path to prosperity and independence

Make a whole bunch of Rock Stars!

The Exhibition:

May 14 – Sept 15, 2016

The Experience:

July 12, 2016

Watch the most inspirational rock video you’ll ever see!

Support Homeless Rock Stars

  • Text ROCKSTAR to 91999
  • Donate to Homeless Rock Stars
  • Receive “Rockstar” by Screaming At Demons directly to your phone and email
  • USA only
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What we do…

– We extract and expose the inner Rock Star of people who are homeless.
– Restore hope, self expression & courage.
– Repair the relationship between the homeless and the community.

“Wow, these are HOMELESS people…?  They don’t LOOK LIKE homeless people…”

The daily public.  On a daily basis.

“Let’s face it, EVERYONE wants to be Rock Star…”

Nigel Skeet